15 Simple Homemade Shakes To Lose Weight

Those shakes caused by weight loss are an ideal choice for a meal replacement for those looking to put off some weights in a healthy way. Meal replacement meals are one of the fitness secrets followed by celebrities and other fitness enthusiasts around the world. It can keep you protein shake until the next meal. Hence, it prevents you from eating junk food to satisfy occasional emerging hunger.

Read some of the best recipes shake weight loss that only takes 5 minutes of prep time. However, before that, keep the following points in mind to shake the nutrient protein:

Make a liquid base for protein shaken with low-fat soy milk. Non-diary milk such as soy milk or almond milk is flavored water, so they have fewer calories.

• You can use unflavored protein powder, silk tofu, low-fat yogurt, or yogurt to make the protein shake truly delicious and nutritious.

Protein shaking is an alternative to the meal. Thus, adding a little monounsaturated fat is good. You can add monounsaturated fatty acids such as cold flaxseed oil, avocado and nuts.

Any fennel with less sweetness or sugar is recommended to make a shake to lose weight. Add blueberries, berries, or even spinach to your shake to make it fibrous and free of excess sugar.

• It is not recommended to use more than one cup of protein if you consume it for weight loss.

1. Peanut butter and strawberry shake


  • Peanut Butter – 2 tsp
  • Strawberry – 1 cup
  • Greek Yogurt – Half a cup
  • Ice Cubes – 12

how to prepare?

Put peanut butter and strawberry in a blender. Now add fresh Greek yogurt and ice cubes, and mix right to make a delicious shake. It contains only 320 calories and 18 grams of protein.

2. Shake Tropical


  • Mango – 10 slices
  • Pineapple – 10 pieces
  • Yogurt or Vanilla Yogurt – 6 ounces
  • Ground flax seeds – 1 tablespoon

how to prepare?

To make this delicious, refreshing morning full of fiber and protein, you need to combine all ingredients and mix for 1 minute in a blender. The number of calories for this tremor is less than 400 and it consists of 22 grams of protein.

3. Sweet spinach – shake pear


  • Greek Yogurt – 6 ounces
  •  Packed spinach – 2 cups
  • Pear-1 has come
  • Green Grapes – 15
  • Avocado – 5-7 small pieces
  •  Cold water – one cup

how to prepare?

Take regular Greek yogurt and coated spinach leaves in a blender. Now add the pears (without the skin), green grapes, avocado pieces and cold water. A good mix. It has only 316 calories and 21 grams of protein.

4. Avocado – strawberry shake


  • Avocado Pieces – 1 cup
  • Frozen strawberries – 1 cup
  •  Low-fat vanilla butter – 1 cup
  • Ice Cubes – 6 cubes
  • Ground flaxseed oil – 1 tbsp

how to prepare?

Put pieces of avocado, frozen strawberry and low-fat vanilla yogurt in a blender. Run the mixer for one minute until the fruits are very smooth. Add ice cubes and cold pressed flaxseed oil. Now keep mixer running for another 1 minute. The tremor is ready.

5. Coconut milk chocolate


  • Low Fat Coconut Milk – One Pack
  • Protein flavor chocolate raw rice – 2 scoops
  • Vanilla Extract – 1 tablespoon
  • Ice Cubes – 12

how to prepare?

If you think coconut milk contains a lot of fat and avoided it for a long time, here is the good news for you. The light coconut milk available in stock now contains a fat percentage of less than 21 grams, so you can try it occasionally to prepare protein shake. Simply mix light coconut milk, raw rice protein chocolate flavor, vanilla extract and ice cubes in the blender. Add organic honey for sweetness (optional).

6. Vanilla coconut protein shake


  • Vanilla flavor Raw Rice Protein – 2 scoops
  • Light Coconut Milk – 1 carton
  • Organic honey – two tablespoons
  • Ice Cubes – 12

how to prepare?

Put raw rice protein (vanilla flavor) in the blender. Add light coconut milk, ice cubes, and organic honey to it. Mix well for two minutes, and this delicious coconut protein shake is ready to drink.

7. Almond milk and white egg shake


  • Almond Water or Milk – 6 oz
  • White egg powder or whey protein isolate – 1 scoop
  • Ice Cubes – 6

how to prepare?

To prepare this shake mix all ingredients together for 2 minutes. Low calorie shake ready to work.

Exhale slowly and bring the right elbow to the outer side of your left knee.

Push the lower elbow toward your thigh. While doing this, lift your chest up and swivel outward to further twist in the middle.

• Keep this position until five breaths are counted.

• Inhale as you slowly return to extreme position.

Repeat on the other thigh.

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